Anonymous web surfing with Swisscows

With Swisscows you can surf anonymously via the proxy server. This way, your privacy remains protected even outside the Swisscows search.

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How to use Swisscows proxy server?



If you are not yet registered with Swisscows, then it's high time to get the most out of all the products.



Download the extension for free and install it for your browser (FireFox or Google Chrome).

Instructions for other browsers.



Swisscows proxy service is chargeable.
Choose a suitable tariff plan (monthly or yearly) and pay for the option of your choice.


Almost done!

Start the installed extension, enter login and password, and activate safe mode. From now on surf anonymously.

How does a Swisscows proxy server work?

A proxy server works like a firewall located between the end user and the website visited. The search query from the user arrives at the proxy server, the proxy server sends the search query from the user to the desired website, then receives the information and sends it to the user.

This means that the user remains undetected for the website operator, i.e. anonymous.

In this way, all monitoring mechanisms are eliminated, because a proxy server serves as a protective wall that does not allow the sensitive user data to be filtered out.

The use of the Swisscows.VPN extension makes the entire process quick and transparent.