Secure web surfing

1. Download

Download the extension for free and install it for your browser (FireFox or Google Chrome).

Instructions for other browsers.

2. Registration

Be a registered user at Swisscows (it's safe, quick and easy).

3. Purchase

Choose a suitable tariff plan (monthly or yearly).
Pay the option of your choice.
Pay attention to the use of the service in your Swisscows account on the Swisscows site.

4. Almost ready!

Start the installed extension, enter your login and password and activate secure mode.
You are now ready!

Instructions for other browsers:

Dear Business Users!

We are developing a special enterprise-level solution for you.
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Subscribe to Swisscows VPN

Monthly subscription

CHF 10.00/month

* appr. USD: 10.58$ - EUR: 9.36

CHF 120.00 per year

Monthly payment. Automatic renewal.

* appr. USD: 126.85$ - EUR: 112.25

Yearly subscription

CHF 7.00/month

* appr. USD: 7.41$ - EUR: 6.56

CHF 84.00 per year

One-time payment. Automatic renewal.

* appr. USD: 88.80$ - EUR: 78.54


That is not all!​

Swisscows is working on a global expansion of secure Internet access services (VPN).

VPN tools for new browsers, platforms and operating systems will be available soon:

Desktop PCs

  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Apple® MacOS
  • xLinux

Mobile devices

  • Apple® iOS
  • Android