Get more options!

Adjust country region

Swisscows does not know which region the users of our site come from. However, some users need the information that is tied to their country.

This is why these users have to define the region or country each time they use Swisscows.

Registered users can now indicate in their profile which region should be used for the information search by default.

General settings

And soon additional tools will be available to customize the user interface for color themes, weather, and extended new blocks.

Single sign-on

Swisscows is already ready to offer new service today: Swisscows VPN. And that's not all, because soon will follow for example: Swisscows Mail and our own messenger.

And, as always and everywhere, the security of user information is the main feature of our services.

Registration for all services will be the same for all products. No annoying registrations - one registration for the entire Swisscows ecosystem!