Swisscows is the anonymous search engine

Swisscows is the efficient alternative for everyone who cares about data security and privacy. Unlike other search engines, users do not leave any traces with Swisscows, Swisscows even refrains from analyzing the visitors.

Your topics, IP addresses as well as personal information will not be stored and will not be used for additional business.

The servers are all located in Switzerland, and the data does not fall into the hands of US authorities or other data snoopers.

Helping and supporting

Swisscows earns money through data-safe advertising. This means: as soon as something is searched for with Swisscows and advertisements are displayed, revenue is generated through these advertisements. This is used to build up Swisscows and to finance further projects like Swisscows VPN and TeleGuard. Since Swisscows displays anonymized advertisements, the advertisements are limited because they are not displayed according to the user's interests, but only for the particular search term.
So that we can still cover our costs, we would be very grateful for your support.
But we don't just want to protect against the dangers on the Internet, we want to make a visible difference and actively support social projects. That's why part of the advertising revenue and your donations will be used to actively change society, and we need support to do that.

You can find out more about our social projects here.

Donate by bank transfer

Postal account owner: Swisscows, 9322 Egnach

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IBAN: CH40 8080 8008 9531 0588 3

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Donate online

No fees are charged.
You can now easily donate online here. Enter the amount you want to donate.
Please note that we only issue a donation receipt for donations of CHF 50 or more.

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