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As an IT company, we know too well that there are many dangers in the digital world, whether Internet, surveillance, bullying, cyber and much more!

We have set ourselves the goal to bring out the main points and stand up for the users, whether small, big or even companies and authorities! It is our vision as a company to protect everyone and educate about the dangers!

Often children and adolescents are ignorant and thus unprepared for digital dangers!

We would like to support you and help you!

Whether you’re a school, an organization or a company, you are welcome to order us for a lecture - for free! We see it as our mission to protect you without charging for it! Contact here: info at

A safe net for our children - teaching children how to use digital media

Digital media are indispensable and yet pose a threat and challenge to the not yet formed perceptions of children and adolescents. Even parents and schools are not prepared for it. Our children grow up in a digital environment that has many benefits, but also many dangers.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to engage with this topic intensively. The digital transformation has not only arrived swiftly, but is also driving forward at a rapid pace. Parents should definitely continue their own education and not hand over the responsibility to the schools. Unfortunately, parents do not recognize the digital world - because it is very virtual - as a danger from which children need to be protected.

The challenge has also arrived in the schools. However, (many) teachers are incompetent because schools do not consider continuing education in this area as necessary. Media education is already miles away from the current competence and educational methods. It is therefore very important that schools meet this challenge and receive further education.

As an entrepreneur and competent IT service provider, but also as the father of three children, I would like to give you our brochure as an aid including some concrete examples. We are also happy to offer our help free of charge if you need our advice as a school or other institution.

Andreas Wiebe,
Swisscows AG Founder und CEO

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Remember, children should not discover the Internet alone, but take the time to explore it together.

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