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Questions and Answers

What makes Swisscows different from other search engines?

Our search engine protects your privacy while searching and from inappropriate content in the results. We do not use cookies or other tracking technologies; your search query remains anonymous with us and you are a guest without a user profile. At Swisscows you will find everything you are looking for without being found.

Who guarantees that my data is really not stored?

Protecting our users' data is an essential part of our DNA and therefore a central promise of Swisscows. We do not store any data, do not build up any search history and do not deliver any ads based on collected data. Our technology is built in such a way that the storage of user data is not even possible.

Are the search results as good as with other search engines?

With us you will surely find what you are looking for! Due to the cooperation with Bing as well as more than 20 years of experience and research in the field of search technologies and constant further development, there are hardly any search queries that we cannot fulfill. The index-based country search and Swisscows semantics ensure intelligent and extremely fast finding.

How can I switch from another search engine?

A change is easily possible at any time. If you want to use Swisscows as your default search engine in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.), simply click on "Install Swisscows" at the top left and follow the browser-specific instructions. It's as easy and safe as searching with Swisscows.

How does Swisscows earn its money?

We earn money with search ads delivered by Bing. Swisscows has an exclusive cooperation agreement with Bing. These ads appear exclusively on the basis of your search query, which is transmitted to Bing. Swisscows does not collect personal data and therefore cannot transmit any data. From each click on an ad, Swisscows receives a share of the advertising revenue from Bing. We invest these revenues in the further development of our technology and support social projects.

Why is Swisscows against surveillance?

Our vision is that every user can be online without fear of surveillance, annoying advertising and unwanted data storage. And this has been the case for over 20 years. Fortunately, data security has now become a relevant topic and many people have understood what happens to their data without their knowledge.
We do not want to share your data, we want to protect it. For this purpose we have developed the Swisscows search engine and other products:
• Teleguard – our data-secure messenger (Whatsapp alternative)
• Swisscows VPN – works like a firewall and also helps you visit websites anonymously
• GetDigest – an AI-based program that helps you summarize web content and text documents and quickly provides you with relevant information.
And our growing team continues to develop and research innovations that protect you and your privacy on the World Wide Web.

Why Swisscows?

Our anonymous search engine does not store your data!

Swisscows has no interest in your data. In our search engine, your data is neither stored nor is a search history built up - thus we guarantee absolute anonymity.

Anonymous search engine with own search index

Our self-image: Swisscows is the European answer to Google & Co. The high quality of our search results is based on our own index and our years of technology expertise.

Family friendly, secure and anonymous search engine with own search index

Both pornographic and sexual content are not indexed and not displayed by our search engine. We want children to be able to search the Internet safely. At home and at school.