We are Swisscows

We do not store your data!

Since we NEVER collect your data, we NEVER track your data! We respect your privacy!

  1. 1. It is in our DNA to protect every user!
  2. 2. We DO NOT store your data!
  3. 3. With Swisscows you are 100% anonymous!

We take it so seriously that we even

  1. 1. have our own servers and do not work with a cloud or third party!
  2. 2. have our DataCenter in the Swiss Alps - THIS is the safest bunker in Europe!
  3. 3. have positioned everything geographically outside of EU and US.

We place great importance on family-friendly Internet content!

Family is the most important cell of our society! If morality and decency disappear, then neighborliness and love also disappear. The digital media are indispensable and yet pose a threat and challenge to the not yet formed perceptions of children and adolescents. Even parents and schools are not prepared for it.

Our children grow up in a digital environment that has many benefits, but also many dangers. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to engage with this topic intensively. The digital transformation has not only arrived swiftly, but is also driving forward at a rapid pace (Download our free brochure "Digital Media Education").

Due to massive digitization, children have become the biggest Internet consumers.

  1. 1. We promote moral values.
  2. 2. We hate violence and pornography.
  3. 3. We promote digital media education.
of boys play computer games every day, averaging 124 minutes a week and 163 minutes on weekends.
of all girls play computer games every day.
children receive their own mobile phone in Germany.
children receive their own mobile phone in Europe.
kids in U.S. have seen pornography.

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Google tracks you at every turn, but not out of love.

Google monitors you and knows exactly where you've been, wherever you are, based on the data and information collected. Your digital fingerprints can be found everywhere on the net. These data are sold – @Swisscows_ch DOES NOT do that!

Google influences your life and makes decisions for you. At Google, you are a human puppet.

Your behavior is monitored, stored and subsequently analyzed. This will give you hit lists or search results that are manipulated and adapted - that's NOT what @Swisscows_ch does!