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Swisscows is the free search engine that does not enrich itself from the users' data and is therefore a perfect alternative. We have made it our mission to provide a safe space for internet users. This means no tracking and no data collection.

When we talk about search engines, numerous providers immediately come to mind in this context. However, name and fame do not always necessarily make a positive and customer-friendly function. In most cases, it is not a search engine without tracking or a search engine without data storage.

However, especially in this day and age, a search engine with privacy and without surveillance is extremely important.

The search engine without tracking - get to know Swisscows

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The search engine without tracking is important for your own protection

The secure search engine Swisscows does not store any data and therefore offers a high degree of anonymity and privacy as a search engine without tracking.

Many users of well-known search engines usually do not know what data is stored there. Also, the reason why search engines perform this storage and use of personal data is known to only a few users.

In a conventional search query, users provide data that is then used to create a user profile. Advertisements are then personalized on the basis of this user profile. In other words, the people in question are effectively manipulated.

Here, the search engines use not only the time and the type of query, but also the search term itself. For example, if you search for the term “romantic evening for two” in the evening hours, this is already an indication of a household without children. The more one now searches in this area, the more extensive the user profile that is created.

In addition to the respective search queries, the providers also store data such as the end device and the browser used for the query. Any data collected is then filtered and used to personalize advertising measures.

So it's no coincidence if, for example, you search for leisure opportunities and subsequently get advertisements for this very thing on numerous websites and in the social media area.

The situation is completely different with the Swisscows search engine. Swisscows works completely without tracking and does not record or collect any data. For users who want to remain anonymous on the web, Swisscows has clear advantages as a search engine without monitoring.

The Swisscows search engine without tracking is suitable for use because - unlike other providers - we attach particular importance to our privacy policy. We anonymize all search queries and do not create user profiles.