Data secure search engine

Swisscows is the data secure search engine and provides optimal internet content. We operate a search engine without data storage and thus respect your privacy! How do we achieve that? By not collecting, storing or tracking any data - you are 100% anonymous at! We are a family friendly search engine without data storage! Media Education is very important to us.

Your privacy is important to us. For this reason, we have our own server and do not work with a cloud or even third-party providers. Our secure data center is located in the Swiss Alps and is geographically positioned outside the EU and the USA.

Data secure search engine: Swisscows is kept in the most secure data center

All the systems and facilities we need for our data-secure search engine have self-sufficient supplies in all areas as well as a climate that is independent of the outside world. The construction is resistant to any military as well as civil threat. Access to the facility is very restrictive. Various areas are only accessible to selected employees. The 24-hour operation is constantly monitored by a double-managed Operation Center. All operational processes are subject to the 4-eyes principle.

Thanks to certification at TIER IV level, the data center achieves the highest availability standard of 99.998%.

Multi-level protective measures in the network and IT areas reduce every conceivable risk to an absolute minimum. All sites have constant video and fire monitoring. Two facilities are connected by a dedicated fiber optic link.

Power is always supplied by natural current, directly from the Gais substation via two medium-voltage lines. Each rack is supplied by its own transformer via two separate circuits. This always ensures a full power supply - even if important system components should fail in one of the two power paths. UPS and backup power systems bridge possible power failures. In addition, the in-house photovoltaic system contributes to power generation. An area-wide photovoltaic system generates 230,000 kWh of electricity annually for use in the data center.