Swisscows as a search engine without tracking: the best alternative

Swisscows is a search engine without tracking and therefore also a search engine that does not store any data. For many users, these are important criteria. Do you value the fact that your data is neither used nor sold to third parties? Then Swisscows is definitely for you.

The search engine without tracking is solely about searching and finding. Swisscows does not want to generate additional revenue with the data of its users and is therefore a very good alternative.

Finding an anonymous and family-friendly search engine without tracking is actually quite easy - Swisscows is your solution. The safe search is rewarded because users do not have to worry about privacy within the search engine or the storage of their own data.

Children and teenagers can also use the search engine without tracking safely. Violent or even pornographic content is already blocked here in advance. Children are therefore not tempted to access conspicuous pages. Further, proper media education can point out these circumstances.

We attach great importance to family-friendly Internet content!

Family is the most important cell of our society! If morality and decency disappear, then respect and charity also disappear. Digital media are indispensable and yet pose a threat and challenge to the not-yet-formed perceptions of children and young people. Even parents and schools are not prepared for this.

Our children are growing up in a digital environment that brings many advantages on the one hand, but also many dangers on the other. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to deal with this topic intensively. The digital transformation has not only arrived quickly but continues to drive forward at a rapid pace (download our free brochure “Digital media education”).

Massive digitization has made children the biggest consumers of the Internet.

83%of boys play computer games every day, averaging 124 minutes a week and 163 minutes on weekends.

42%of all girls play computer games every day.

6,5 yearschildren receive their own mobile phone in Germany.

10,3 yearschildren receive their own mobile phone in Europe.

9 yearskids in U.S. have seen pornography.

  • We promote moral values.
  • We are against violence and pornography.
  • We promote digital media education.

A safe Internet for our children - how children can learn to use digital media

Download our brochure or order free brochures to distribute directly from us at no charge:


Children should not discover the Internet alone. Take your time and discover the Internet together.

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